Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

Being obsessed with weddings, I have seen my fair share of wedding dress shopping reality TV shows. The process, while most likely dramatized for the sake of entertainment, definitely seems to have its ups and downs. In order to make your experience low-stress and more pleasant for all parties involved, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for wedding dress shopping!

DO… make an appointment, preferably in the morning, so that your consultant is fresh and ready to go. If possible, make your appointment on a Sunday or a weekday, because Saturdays are typically busy and crowded.

DON’T… wait until the last minute to start looking for a dress. Rushing the process is a recipe for disaster—it may take a few tries to find your dress, and there needs to be time for alterations and fittings as well.

DO… look nice for your appointment. No need to go overboard (go with light makeup so that it won’t rub off on the dresses), but you should feel pretty going into the appointment so that you can feel pretty when you find your dress! This also includes undergarments, nothing like a ratty old bra strap to ruin the elegance of your wedding dress.

DON’T… bring everyone you know to the appointment. The more people you bring, the more people you must please. Ultimately, this is your wedding dress, so your opinion is the only one that matters. Bring a few trusted friends or family members, but in this case, less is more.

DO… know what silhouette looks best on your body and have a general idea of what you are looking for. That being said, come in with an open mind. Dresses look much different on the hanger than on a person, so there is no harm in trying something on—it may surprise you!

DON’T… try on a dress that is out of your budget! You will want it simply because you can’t have it. Proven fact.

DO… consider the occasion. You’re likely going to be wearing this dress for several hours, sitting, standing, dancing, walking, AND being photographed from all angles. Move around, sit down, and make sure that you will be comfortable in the dress all day. Also, have a friend photograph you in the dress to make sure you like how it looks in pictures.

DON’T… feel pressured to like a certain dress because your consultant or friends like it—remember, this is YOUR wedding dress for YOUR wedding day! And take your time; try on as many dresses as it takes (within reason) until you feel comfortable. Sometimes it is good to leave the appointment without a dress, and come back to buy it a week or so later to give yourself some time to make sure it’s the right one. Also, just because you don’t cry doesn’t mean it isn’t the one!

DO… try on a veil with the dress to help you decide. It may seem cheesy, just because that’s what they always do on the shows, but I’ve heard firsthand from many brides that seeing their dress with a veil was what made their decision.

Mostly, just remember that as important as the wedding dress is, it is still only a dress. Ten or fifteen years from now, you won’t be thinking about your dress but the memories you made while you were wearing it. So, have fun with the shopping experience and don’t overthink it.


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Lovin' Havin' A Blast

With summer just starting for most people, it is the perfect time to gather with friends, have some drinks, lounge by the pool, and enjoy a night out without the kids. Themed parties are an easy way to have your décor, appetizers, and drinks presented in a unique way! Remember: your party doesn’t have to have a theme, but it sure makes a fun night even better! Below are some theme ideas to get you started: 

1. Tacos and Tequila:
  • Have fun with color! Red & yellow, with pops of green & orange will add flair. Drink umbrellas are a cute touch, as well as a piñata, and fun music! 
  • Food & Drinks: You can’t go wrong with a taco bar. Allow guests to make burritos, bowls, wraps, etc. and provide options. For drinks, be sure to have tequila on hand. Besides the obvious margaritas, guests can also indulge in fun recipes that you get creative with! Try mixing tequila with lemonade and lime juice for a fun twist!
  • Have maracas, sombreros, candy, and fun lighting to really make the night go out with a bang! 

2. Sail Away:
  • This theme has endless possibilities. Your décor can range from red, white, and blue color combos with anchors and if you don’t want ten sailors dressed at your party, allow guests to wear fun bathing suits, leis, etc. 
  • Food & Drinks: Try to serve a variety of foods in super cute boats. Shrimp boats, veggie boats, etc. are all fun! Serve your drinks with flags and garnishes to keep the theme flowing. Jello shots in a fruit wedge with a flag would be a super fun way to showcase your yummies! We suggest a signature drink {always} and for a Sail Away theme, a Salty Dog with run and grapefruit juice is just perfect! 

3. Coney Island: 
  • This theme is pretty self-explanatory and probably the easiest theme to pull off. Any color combos will do, and as long as you have a grill at hand to cook your dogs, it’s a pretty easy night.
  • Food & Drinks: The obvious: coney dogs. Be sure to provide sides like salads, chips, fries, etc. Fruit is a sweet touch to the menu! Since this is a more casual theme, drinks should be basic with beers and maybe a tropical twist. Try Hawaiian punch and vodka, garnished with an orange slice.
  • This theme can have a Hawaiian touch to it if you would like. Allow guests to wear tropical clothing and straw hats. Be sure to use a tan linen on your table and some seashells as tabletop décor to keep the island theme.
4,  Light the Night
  • For a truly awesome and unique theme, make the party start a little later and use the moonlight to party under! Mason jars, glow sticks, and sparklers are sure-fire winners!
  • Food & Drinks: Keep food simple by firing up the grill with burgers and chicken kabobs. Have lots of snack foods and popcorn for late night munchies! For drinks, remember moonshine is great in mason jars and tonic water adds a little light to your cocktail!
So there you have it! Some fun cocktail party theme ideas to get your summer started right! Remember to drink responsibly, laugh a lot, and enjoy a good time!

XOXO –Kelly 

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