Monday, May 18, 2015

"Wed" with Color

While the dress may be white or ivory, and the suit black or grey the rest of the wedding is in color. And while you may have a color in mind, finding the perfect wedding palette can sometimes be difficult. Color can help contribute to a wedding theme or even be theme. While working at David's Bridal I would work day in and day out helping brides try to find their palette. Below I have compiled a few palettes to help picking the colors of your wedding.

First things first: It's your wedding! You can have as many colors as you like and as few colors as you like! If you would like the entire RAINBOW of colors in your wedding, it can be accomplished. My rule of thumb though is normally no less than 2, no more than 4. 

Blue, Yellow, & Grey
This is one of my favorite color combinations, especially with brides who are wanting a rustic or outdoors wedding. You can use any shade of the colors although I prefer the pale versions of the colors.

Red & Black
Looking for a more classic combination? Red and Black is the way to go! Bridesmaid dresses can be black with red heels. You can wear red heels. Red roses could be in the bouquet. You have endless options and possibilities with this classic combination. 

Coral, Mint, & Gold
This is a new twist on an old favorite. Coral is one of the most popular colors and mint is becoming a very popular color. Thus putting them together and adding some gold you cannot go wrong! Plus if you do not like one of the three color, any two also work really well together.

Light Green, Cream, Light Pink, & Gold
Go neutral! This combination is all about nature. Keeping things neutral with little pops of color can really make a wedding stand out and compliment almost any theme!

Purple & Royal Blue
Wanting a more rich color scheme? Purple and royal blue will add some elegance and richness to the whole wedding. You can even add a more neutral color such as grey or white  if you feel a little over the top. However these colors really can complement each other well. 

While I have only given you five palettes of inspiration, the list really can go on and on. If you love the colors together then it is a workable palette. Need some help incorporating all the colors you want together? Hire a Wedding Planner! We can help you make sure your wedding is exactly as you want through every aspect including the design and color!

Happy Planning (And  Coloring)!

~ Jennifer O.

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  1. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! We are glad you enjoyed it!! :)

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