Thursday, April 9, 2015

4 Wedding Reception Send Off Ideas

So what happens when the last song of the night is over and your feet are throbbing from a night of dancing at the reception? You may think, Is this really it? It’s all over? As much as you may not want the party to end, there is one last thing that some newlyweds choose to have to cap of the night; an official send off! There are plenty of fun and unique ways to showcase your personality into the final experience of the night. Here are just 4 ideas!

  1. Confetti
    • Who doesn’t love to be a kid again and throw confetti? This is a colorful and easy approach to help celebrate. For a couple that may be eco-friendly, use recycled paper. For a crafty bride, choose to use punch-outs and make different shapes. Use many different colors or the colors of the wedding. Cupcake liners, poppers, balloons, etc. can all be used to hold the confetti until thrown. 
  2. Sparklers 
    • This trend seems to be more and more popular. For beautiful photos and a late night send off, the idea of sparklers seems to be a good fit for almost any type of wedding. Make sure your guests know to simultaneously light the sparklers so they all go off at the same time, or create a wave effect as the couple walks. Remember to check fire codes with your venue (in case of an emergency) and have a water bucket nearby to help ensure the sparklers are extinguished! 
  3. Bells
    • One of my favorite sounds is that of a ringing bell. I find it to be exciting and beautiful. Now, I do not mean to ring cow bells and make the newlyweds feel like they are at a cattle call. I mean the petite dainty bell that produces a sweet sounds. A harmonic and classy touch to any wedding will make the couple feel on cloud 9. Bells can also be adorned to match the theme of the night. 
  4. Bird Seed 
    • For an outdoor wedding, birdseed is a natural choice. It is similar to confetti or the traditional rice, but is an alternative that is good for the environment. I like the idea of birdseed as well because it is a variety of neutral colors that will look well against any wedding palette. Plus, you get the opportunity to incorporate a play on words (so much fun)! For instance, "For the Love Birds" would be an obvious phrase.
Other send off ideas: balloons, flowers petals, bubbles, ribbon wands, glow sticks, leaves, glitter, and sprinkles (yum!).

Regardless of what you choose, just remember that this simple touch will keep the wedding spirit alive and get everyone excited for the couple's new life ahead.

Are you planning on having an official send off at your wedding? Did you have one at your wedding? Tell us, we want to know!! 


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  1. Super nice wedding reception sendoff ideas! Pleased to see photos and get inspirations here. At one of local garden themed LA venues we will be hosting our winter wedding reception in January. Very excited for it.

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