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Two Sweet Bakers

Who doesn’t love looking forward to a little something to help satisfy their sweet tooth? Anything and everything from multi-tiered wedding cakes, a cupcake tower at your birthday, or cookies at a baby shower, desserts can truly make an event oh-so-sweet (yes! pun intended). However, finding just the right person to make such delectable desserts can sometimes be quite a challenge. For this blog I wanted to introduce two vendors who will make great desserts for any occasion. I interviewed Erica Ohmit, owner of Every Last Crumb: Specialty Cupcakes and More in Fairfield, Ohio and Morgan Anderson, owner of Fancy Pants Sweetz in Columbus, Ohio. Below is a little bit about each company, the baker, and some photos of their work!

Every Last Crumb
Specialty Cakes and More

Erica started Every Last Crumb in October of 2005. She has always been a self proclaimed foodie and thought it would be fun to make birthday cakes for her kids instead of buying them. She started out by doing regular wedding and birthday cakes, but now her business has evolved into more custom orders. She does a lot of custom cupcake orders, like her one- of- a- kind cupcake bouquets, which truly sets her apart from other cupcake businesses in the area. 

I wanted to get to know Erica on a more personal level and find out some fun facts that make her the unique baker she is. We all need our creative outlet that gets that juices going. For Erica, being part Scottish, it's all about music; Celtic music to be more specific. Erica says it is calming to her while she bakes the night away. 

Erica takes every event or special occasion as a meaningful one and is very humbled to work for a client who reaches out to her. She wants to deliver a design that goes beyond expectations. She prides herself on getting to know her clients and giving them meaningful, delicious, and exciting works of art. 

Fun fact: Erica reflected back on a time when she and her husband were setting up a cake. In this instance, the ceremony and reception were both at the same location. As they were setting up, people were passing by taking photos and looking through the glass to view the cake. Erica said she felt like an animal in the zoo with everyone watching her every move! Well no wonder, with my sweet tooth I would have been gawking at that delicious piece of artwork too!

More info:
  • Starting cake price: $3.00/per serving and increases depending on materials and level of design
  • Delivers to: the Cincinnati region 
  • What sets her apart: her super cute cupcake bouquets (like the one pictured above) 
  • Fun fact: Erica is developing allergy free recipes for her dessert offerings  
  • Goal: To open a store front in the next 10 years
  • Erica will be competing in her first competition this year and is very excited to see how that goes

Contact info: 
Erica Ohmit

Fancy Pants Sweetz

Morgan opened Fancy Pants Sweetz in July 2014. In the few short months she has been in business, she has done an amazing job with her sweet and creative cookies. Morgan had always worked in the fashion industry but loved baking in her free time. Having that fashion industry experience, she knew just how long the hours could be and how stressful things can get. However, with support from one of her best friends and biggest fans, she has made Fancy Pants Sweetz a real threat to the baking world.

Morgan has a unique knack with her decorating skills and makes truly elaborate and exquisite designs for her clients. Cookies have always been what she knows best. While she has learned the ins and outs of the cookie business, she looks forward to the future of Fancy Pants and the other various sweet treats she may get her hands into. In the near future, Morgan hopes to take Fancy Pants out of her home and become storefront. 

I asked Morgan if anything funny or embarrassing has happened while she was baking and her story is the true definition of a committed baker. She went to the gym one morning and while attempting to put up her hair, realized she has brought along some icing for the ride in her bangs. Needless to say she had a messy morning in the kitchen! Hey, a girl that is around cookies all day needs to workout, right?!

With her bedazzled spatula or “magic wand” as she likes to call it, Morgan creates cookies that are perfect for any event. While she doesn’t have a favorite event so far, she does enjoy when clients give her free reign and allow her to put her creativity to use. She also enjoys a challenge and likes to step outside of her comfort zone to try something new. For potential clients, Fancy Pants cookies are all custom and made to order. 

More info:
  • Starting cookie price: $2.25 each
  • Average cookie price: $3.00 - $4.00 each 
    • However, there are a lot of factors that go into a cookie price, so for more accurate estimates on a future order, please use the contact information provided above and reach out to Morgan. She will be more than happy to answer all your questions!
  • Fun fact: Fancy Pants Sweetz does offer gluten-free, dairy-free cookies, and nut-free products
  • They ship: Although they are based out of Columbus (Go Bucks!), they can ship this deliciousness nationwide.
Contact info: 
Morgan Anderson

I cannot thank both of these wonderful ladies enough for taking the time to answer my questions and help me create this post. I hope my readers will use both of them for their future events or reach out to them for further inquiries. I am looking forward to the future for both these ladies and their businesses and wish them the best of luck with everything! Keep up the great work with the sweet treats!

XOXO –Kelly

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