Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 DIY Tablescape Decor Projects

With more ideas than anyone has time to think about on Pinterest, do it yourself, or DIY, projects are the new craze. But how do you use this in your wedding? And how do you choose projects that won’t look like your 5-year-old little cousin made it at craft time in preschool? Here are three fun and fool-proof DIY’s that will give your wedding tables some extra flair.


This DIY doubles as a memorable decoration and a fun project for you and your significant other to work on in the months leading up to the big day. {TIP: start sorting through your photos early so that you are not stressed out about making these runners 2 days before your wedding!} This photo runner will add personality to your wedding and guests will enjoy looking through all of your memories. You can even save the runner and use it as home decor - double bonus!

What you will need:
  • Muslin fabric
    • Length depends on your table size - make sure you account for the length you wan the runner to hang over the table as well! 
    • Make the width of the fabric thinner than you want the end result to be
  • Photos - of course! 
    • Good to know: a 9' runner takes about 160 photos
    • We suggest using copies of photos and not the originals. Since these will be on the guest tables, it is possible that drinks and food could be spilled on the photos.
  •  Hot glue gun
How to do it:
  • Start at one end and use your hot glue gun to attach the pictures to the muslin fabric
    • Remember: less is more with the hot glue. You don't want globs of hot glue effecting the look of your photos! 
  • Overlap the pictures and let them go over the edge of the fabric to cover it completely
  •  It's that simple!

2. Watercolor Place Cards
For an artsy and unique addition to your table settings, try these DIY watercolor place cards. They are simple and sophisticated and will bring some color to your wedding décor. Guests will love to take them home as memorabilia too!

What you will need (for 8 place cards):
  • 2 large pieces of thick handmade watercolor paper
  • Tube(s) of watercolor 
    • Your choice of color(s)!
  • 3 bowls 
    • Make sure the circumference of your bowl is large enough to fit the width of your place cards
  • Calligraphy pen of your choice
  • Newspaper (for the cards to dry on)

How to do it: 
  • Cut or tear paper into desired shape/size—tearing recommended, it adds a cool effect
  •  Mix watercolor with water to create 3 colors with varying intensities
  • Dip paper into lightest color first
    • Dip 3/4 of the way up the card
    • Hold for 30-60 seconds in the watercolor
    • Repeat this step with all of your place cards and set aside on the newspaper to dry
  • Dip paper into the middle color
    • Dip 1/2 way up this time 
    • Hold for 60-90 seconds
    • Repeat this step with all of your place cards and set aside on the newspaper to dry
  • Dip paper into the darkest color
    • Dip 1/4 of the way up this time
    • Hold for 60-90 seconds
    • Repeat this step with all of your place cards and set aside on the newspaper to dry
  • Hand calligraphy the names of your guests on the white part a the top of each card OR send them to a professional calligrapher!  

These beautiful monograms are surprisingly easy to make and add such elegance to the table. For a smaller wedding, you could make them for all of the guests’ table settings, or if that’s too overwhelming (understandably!) you can just make them for the bride and groom. You could also use the first initials of the bride and the groom and make an “&” and set up the monogram somewhere at the ceremony or the reception.

What you will need:
  • Pair of pliers that can cut wire
  • One (1) roll of rebar wire
  • One (1) roll of floral wire
  • Bushel of boxwood or other greens

 How to do it:
  • Find or draw the letter how you want it to look
  • Measure and cut separate length of your rebar wire to form the sections of your letter
  • Use pliers to shape curves in the letter
  • Use green floral wire to connect pieces of rebar wire. Wrap tightly!
  • Lay the boxwood greens on the letter in layers
  • Wrap the green floral wire around the greens so they are firmly secured to the rebar wire

Happy Crafting! 
xoxo - Olivia

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