Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Engagement Photo Locations Ideas

One of the most exciting and fun aspects of  planning your wedding is taking the engagement photos! Not only is it a blast but it is also something that you and your fiancé can cherish for years to come. Engagement photo sessions are also a great way to get to know your potential wedding photographer. You will be able to see how they work, how they edit, and if you feel comfortable with them being your wedding day photographer. 

Deciding where to take the photos can sometimes be difficult. Below I have listed some ideas so that you and your fiancé can pick the location that best suites you as a couple.

1) Parks. Finding a local outdoor park or forest can make for a beautiful backdrop. The advice I can give you for this location is to have a backup plan in case of rain OR confirm with your photographer that if you have to reschedule due to inclement weather, you will not be charged extra! While a park setting tends to be one of the more traditional approaches, you can guarantee that your pictures will be timeless.

2) A Place of Meaning. Taking pictures at the location of your first date or where you met can bring a whole new element of meaning to the pictures. You guys can also have a lot of fun relieving that first encounter and making this moment extra special.


3) Downtown. Take your photographer and go explore the city. You can go to restaurants and local monuments. Stand in the streets (just don't get run over) or sit on steps. Take them during  the day or at night. Whatever you decide your pictures will have an aspect of variety.

4) Carnival/Fair. This idea may be hard to accomplish depending on the time of year or city  in which you live. However, if the timing is right your photos will be colorful and unique. You and your fiancé can have fun riding rides and playing games all while being captured on film. Plus, there is the added bonus that you get to play around at a carnival for a few hours: how fun would that be?! 

5) Stadium. Big sports fans? Take your pictures in the local sports stadium. Wear matching jerseys and show your team spirit. Play the sport or just smile for the camera, either way your pictures will be a home run.

Whatever you decide make it as unique as the two of you. At the end of the day just have fun with it and the camera will capture the amazing moments!

Happy planning (and smiling)!


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