Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

As professional wedding planners, we often hear brides say “I have a venue coordinator, so I do not need a wedding coordinator.” Though you may have a venue coordinator, there is a distinct difference in what they do and what your wedding coordinator will do. In this week’s blog, we break it down, task by task, to help you best understand the vastly different roles of each coordinator!

Roles of a venue coordinator:
  • Ensures doors are unlocked, lights are on and facility is clean
  • Provides vendors with access to load and unload equipment at the loading dock
  • Handles all facility maintenance - power outages blown fuses, temperature control, restocking bathrooms, etc. 
  • Makes sure the site is safe and secure
  • Keeps their staff, which sometimes includes a catering team and bar staff, on  task
  • Set tables and chairs
  • Assist in coordinating on-site ceremony
  • Oversees cleanup of facility at the end of the night
  • Is often the last to leave to ensure doors are locked

Roles of a wedding day-of coordinator:
  • Meets with couple 1-2 months out from wedding day to plan the final details (ie. timeline, layouts, deliveries, design vision, etc.)
  • Takes personal interest in the little details, such as colors, flowers, candy bar, toasting flutes, guest book, etc. 
  • Attend final vendor meetings and make vendor phone/email confirmations at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding
  • Coordinates ceremony rehearsal as well as ceremony (on-site and/or off-site)
  • Distribute and pin on all personal flowers on the correct people
  • Set up ceremony decor and transport items to reception
  • Ensures the ceremony starts on time and bridesmaids & groomsmen walk down the aisle in the correct order
  • Place linens on tables
  • Set up decor elements, including centerpeices, favors, cake table, gift table, card box, escort cards or board, place cards, table numbers and more
  • Set up personal touches (ie. frames, chalkboards, signs, etc.)
  • Double check all of the tables are set to the desired layout with the correct number of chairs and table numbers
  • Transfer gifts to a safe location after guests are seated for dinner
  • Final vendor payment and tip distribution
  • Point of contact for every vendor on the wedding day
  • Coordinate flow of events with all vendors
  • Keep the timeline in mind all day and evening, cueing the first dance and making sure the bouquet toss occurs on time
  • Tear down and box up all of the personal decor items at the end of the night
  • Is the second to last person to leave, ensuring everything goes as planned up until the final minute of the reception
  • Is the couples advocate and advisor for all final wedding details 

Both coordinators are imperative to ensuring your big day runs smoothly! Your venue coordinator and wedding coordinator will work hand-in-hand on the wedding day, each with their own roles and responsibilities. Remember, your wedding coordinator is there for you, and only you, while the venue coordinator is there to make sure all aspects of the venue are flawless.

If your venue coordinator is taking on any of the roles listed under the role of a wedding coordinator, be sure to ask for specifics on what they will provide. For example, your venue coordinator may say he/she will make vendor confirmations for you, but this is only for vendors associated with the venue and reception (DJ/band, catering, cake, photo booth, etc.). Your venue coordinator will not call your photographer or hair and makeup stylists to confirm arrival times.
Check out what Cecilia Rose, Creative Director at Pinecroft at Crosley Estate, has to say.

" The main focus of the venue coordinator should be on the use of the facility and the items (food, beverage, tables, chairs, etc) they are providing to make the day successful. A wedding planner and coordinator is someone who should know and understand the client's total vision for there wedding day. This includes many more aspects and emotions than the venue would typically ever want to oversee. When each vendor sticks to their wheelhouse of expertise and the client has had the foresight to hire one person to oversee how they will all work together, in addition to their every little wish and detail, the event typically goes much more smoothly for everyone and the vision blossoms."

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator, contact us today to learn more about our Simply Day-Of service! We would LOVE to work with you! 

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  1. Hey thanks for this distinction between Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinators. I didn’t know that both terms are so much different. Thanks for the post dear!! Actually I am seeking a professional event planner for my corporate events. If you have recommendations then share with me dear!!

    1. Hi Jacob! Sorry for the delayed response. I did not get a notification that I had a comment. Sorry about that!!

      We actually do corporate event planning as well. Give me a call at 513.292.7294 or email me at

      I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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