Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You're Married! Now What Do You Do With Your Dress?!

So you did it! You married the love of your life and are starting your life together. Now what to do with that dress of yours? Every day women are buying their dream dress to wear for that one special day. However rarely do people know what to do with it after they have worn it that one time. Never fear. Below is a list of different ideas so that you can do what you want with that dream dress. 

Preserve It: This one tends to be the most common option. Normally the wedding shop where you purchased the dress has a preservation option available for purchase. If not a local dry cleaners will most likely be able to do this for you. Thus you can have it forever or pass it down one day.

Get Crafty With It: Turn that dress of yours into something. Add a piece of it to a shadow box with your wedding invitation and hang it in your house somewhere. Turn it into a blanket for your future kids. Or you can even be like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star and frame your dress and just stick it in your closet. Whatever your choice let your creative juices flow.

Sell It: Wedding dresses can be expensive. If you would like to make a little of that money back, recoup some loss and sell your dress. 

Donate It: Take the dress to a local goodwill or other charity and let someone have a chance of buying it.

Trash The Dress: If none of the above options appeal to you then my final option is for you. It is called "Trash the Dress." The idea behind it is to take elegant clothing and put it in an element where it does not belong and take pictures of it. You can swim in it, or walk in snow, or even have a paint fight in it. The options are endless.

Whichever you chose just know the choice is yours.

Happy Planning (and perserving, or crafting, or selling, or donationg, or "trashing")

-Jennifer O.

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