Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Create a Wedding Invitation Ornament

Ever wonder what to do with your wedding invitation after your big day? This easy DIY craft will make the perfect addition to your tree this year! A wedding invitation ornament also makes for an ideal wedding gift. It’s a great way to always remember your special day, every year. I have made several of these for friends. It really adds some personal touch to your gift. Follow these easy steps to make your own! 
Supplies Needed:
  • Invitation 
  • Scissors  
  • Pen
  • Clear globe ornament (I purchased mine at Michael’s in a box of 4. I saw the display of ornaments this summer and just had to buy a box! You could get these really anywhere once the season rolls around).

    Step 1: First, cut the invitation into strips.  I decided to cut the whole invitation and then pick out what strips I wanted to use. (This invitation was inserted into a decorative heart, so I cut some strips from there too!)

    Step 2: Take the strips and roll them around a thick pen. Depending on the type of paper the invitation is, you may have to bend it a little and work with it for a few seconds to ensure that it will stay curled.

    Step 3: Insert strips into the clear ornament. This is the tough part- only because I’m a perfectionist! I think what makes the ornament really meaningful is being able to see the date of the wedding, the location, and most importantly the names! If you put in one strip and don’t like the direction it is in, or if it’s upside down you can use tweezers or skinny scissors to pull the strip back out and try again. I used several pieces that didn’t have words as well to fill up some space in the ornament.

    Once you insert as many strips as you want, you’re all finished! For the ones I have made as gifts, I tied some ribbon to the top and attached a little tag with a few words that can easily be torn off. It just adds a more personal touch to your gift! You could even choose ribbon that matches the colors of the wedding or invitation. That way it’s all ready to be hung up!  

 Have fun crafting! 
~Danielle S.
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