Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Wedding Inspiration!

As the months go by it is hard to believe the leaves are already getting ready to change. Though wedding season is typically during the warmer weather, fall weddings can be just as beautiful and enjoyable. For people that may not want such a bright color scheme a fall wedding gives you the options of using orange, red, maroon, gold, dark purple, or brown colors. If you are worried about heat or would prefer to be cooler vs warmer this could be a good time of year as well. Here is some inspiration to plan a fall wedding!

Everyone loves a candy bar and there are lots of candies to use around this time of year. Plus, there are plenty of places to get it since Halloween is right around the corner. Candy corn, Reeces, and pumpkin spice cupcakes are just a few examples. Other fun elements to incorporate into your wedding could be a "make your own candy apple bar" or a "s'mores bar!"

Another way to incorporate delicious fall treats is by giving a s'more kit, hot chocolate kit, or mini pumpkins as favors for your guests to take home.

Your decor is not the only way you can incorporate your fall theme. A unique thing you can do is have leaves in your bouquet with red and orange flowers. You could also have your bridesmaids bouquets a small bundle of hey with some small flowers incorporated.

You can also have a flower arrangement made for your hair that incorporates your wedding colors to bring a pop of color to your wardrobe.

If the idea of a fall wedding sounds good to you but you do not want to be outside there are plenty of ideas for you to bring to an inside venue. You can put small trees inside to make it look like you are outside or having elaborate center pieces. Adding a lot of candles, pumpkins and leaves are also good ways to bring an outdoor feel to an indoor venue!

Below are some images to help inspire you while you plan your upcoming fall wedding!

Happy wedding planning!!

 -- Erin

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