Thursday, July 17, 2014

12 Fun & Creative Save the Dates

Save the dates have become a common way for couples to announce their big day and simply ask their family and friends to reserve that date. Here are some questions you may need answered before considering save the dates!
What information goes on them?
Save the dates have just a few key elements. It’s important to include your names, the date of the wedding, and the location or city of the wedding. It’s also best to include the text “formal invitation to follow”.  TIP: Save the date etiquette also includes never placing your registry information on the announcement! 
Should you send them out?
If you plan on having a destination wedding, yes. If your wedding is during high travel times or holidays, this is especially important. Save the dates allow enough time for your guests to make travel arrangements and take off work if need be.  If you are not having a destination wedding, that is up to you. Some couples may just want a fun, creative way to announce their special day. Save the dates also increase the chance of your guest attending, by giving them enough notice to not make any other plans.
When should you send them out?
As a general rule, you should send them out 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding.  If guests are traveling from out of town, this will allow them enough time to make arrangements. For certain destination weddings, you may need to send them out a year in advance to ensure plenty of time for your guests to make arrangements, save up some money, and take off work.  
Who should you send them to?
Just the people you want to come to your wedding. Be sure to include guests who you already have confirmations from such as bridal party, siblings, and parents. Remember, only send to people who you are for sure you want to attend. Once they are sent, you can’t un-invite them!
What kind should you send out?                  
That is up to you! There are plenty of fun, creative ways to announce your big day. Save the dates don’t always have to go with the theme of your wedding, or match your invitation. You can make these more laid back and fun. They don’t have to be just a card, or have your picture on them! Get creative and your guests will be sure to love it. 
Here are 12 creative and fun ideas to give you some inspiration!
You can use engagement photos with typography, simple but elegant:

You can send out a post card (doesn’t have to include your photo):

You can incorporate the theme of your wedding if you would like! Perhaps a rustic, destination, or sports themed save the date!

Other fun and creative ideas! Balloons, scratch offs, and mini Polaroid magnets!

You can share your love story or even include your pet:


Use a calendar to highlight the date: 

Tying the knot:

Bride- to- be tip* Check out! It’s a great source to find some inspiration and the perfect save the date that you are looking for. There are thousands of options that can be easily customized and purchased for your big day. Pinterest is useful as well, but doesn’t always direct you to the right site to allow you to purchase.

Happy planning!
~Danielle S.
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