Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Day Survival Kit

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ATTENTION ALL BRIDES: What I am about to say may make you extremely uncomfortable and nervous about your idea of a perfectly planned wedding day. Therefore, I am going to start out with an apology for maybe making you a bit nervous; I'm sorry! Now, with that being said, on with the blog. 

You can plan your wedding day perfectly. Even account for every minor detail and while I hope you do not run into emergencies there is still a chance that someone will forget something or some minor detail will go wrong. Never fear though! By having a survival kit you can ensure your dream wedding goes off without a hitch. Below is a list of items that every bride and bridal party should have in their survival kits. 

But first: Your "survival kit" can be just a simple tote bag. Or, if you are making one for every member of your bridal party, they can be in a basic cosmetic bag.

Suggested Items:
o   Aspirin/Ibuprofen: for headaches and any other pains and aches that may occur
o   Water: because trust me you need to stay hydrated
o   Extra panty hose: this is only if you are planning on wearing them, but if you are you will definitely need extra
o   Snacks: the day of your wedding, you may not get a chance to eat until the reception therefore it's good to have a granola bar or something for you to snack on
o   Extra bobby pins: in case someone's hair is just not cooperating
o   Deodorant: someone may forget to put some on that morning
o   Extra earring backs: those things are so tiny someone is bound to lose one
o   Tampons/sanitary napkins: because mother nature is very unpredictable
o   Tide ToGo (or some other spot remover): because spots happen
o   Tissues: I promise someone (if not many people) will cry
o   Safety pins: for a quick mend
o   Mini sewing kit: for a not so quick mend
o   Corsage pins: in case a corsage needs a little extra hold
o   Extra Makeup: for last minute touch ups
o   Straws: so everyone can drink their drink without ruining their lipstick
o   Band-Aids: new shoes = new blisters
o   Mints/Gum: no one wants bad breath (especially the bride or groom) 
o   Phone charger: so your phone can go all night

These are just the basics, but add any other necessities needed for you and your bridal party to tackle any wedding day issues.

Also, keep in mind that Simply Events provides a survival kit for all of its brides & grooms as part of their services!! Contact Catie today to learn more about the wedding planning packages!

Happy Planning!

 - Jennifer O.

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