Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Graduation Party Stand Out

It's that time of year again! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and there is finally no snow left on the ground. With the warmer weather comes another season, but likely not the season you are thinking of; It is graduation season! 

I am especially excited because one of my younger sisters will be graduating in just a few short weeks and a few weeks after that I will be celebrating with her at her graduation party. Because there are so many graduation parties every year, my parents wanted her party to be something different. 

Below are a few ideas to have your grad party stand out.

- Have a theme party! Most graduates think they have to use their school's colors for their graduation party theme; however, a graduation party can have a theme that makes it all its own. Some ideas for a theme you ask? It can be anything from nautical, to vintage, to having a garden party, or a party with and assortment of cookies and milk to celebrate the smart cookie in you! Whatever you theme you choose is sure to make your party that much more special.

- Have a candy bar. We did this one for my graduation parties! As a thank you gift we set up an entire table with jars and jars of candy. As the guests were leaving they got to fill as many bags as they wanted with candy. And the way your candy bar is set up can match the theme of your party with the types of candy all the way down to the colors of the wrapper.

- Guest Book Jar. Just like a wedding, it is a great idea to have a guest book for your graduation party. This ensures that the graduate has something they can look back on and see who was all at their party. However, just signing a book is a thing of the past. Instead, have your guest write a favorite memory of the graduate or a piece of advice for the graduate on a piece of paper. Then have them stick it in a jar that the graduate can take with them and read whenever they'd like!

- Have the guests bring a photo of them with the graduate. When you send out the invites ask the guests to bring a photo of them and the graduate that you can keep. As they are arriving stick the photos to a cork board set up at the party. This gives the graduate pictures for keepsake and adds to the decor of the party.

- Have a bonfire. To end the night, have a bonfire for the graduate and their friends. Often during grad parties the graduate does not have a ton of time to spend with their friends because of so many people in attendance. This adds a special touch to the party and is great way for the graduate to end the party with friends. Don't forget to have all the fixin's to make s'mores and other delicious treats!

Lastly I would just like to congratulate the class of 2014! You guys did it! It's now time to party!

Happy Planning!

- Jennifer O.

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