Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding Costs: Where Your Money Is Really Going!

With the average wedding cost going up each year, ($29,858 this year. Yikes!) I thought it would be useful to know exactly where your money is going. The big ticket items in weddings are Venue, Food and Beverage, and Entertainment. If you get all of these things right, it will be a great night for you and your guests!

Venue 8%
  •        Rehearsal dinner space
  •        Rentals (dishes, linens, serve ware, flatware, etc.)
  •        Decorations
  •        Staffing costs (Bartenders and Servers)
  •        Tax
  •        Gratuity

*Make sure you factor tip and gratuity into your budget because while 6.5% might not seem like a lot, on a big ticket item such as venue rental, it can get up to almost $1,000.

Food and Beverage (Often included with the venue) 30%
  •        Cocktail Hour
  •        Hors D'oeuvres
  •        Salad
  •        EntrĂ©e (Buffet or Plated)
  •        Cake/Dessert
  •        Beverages (Soda, Beer and Wine, Call Liquor, or Well Liquor)

*One easy way to save on food is to do a later reception with desserts only. A unique and fun filled evening for you and your guests for a fraction of the cost! Just make sure they know that dinner won't be provided.

Entertainment 10%
  •        DJ
  •        Live Band
  •        Ceremony Musicians
  •        Other (Lighting, photo booths, fireworks, etc.)

*Entertainment is a great way to add a wow factor to your event. Whether it be a fireworks show to cap off the evening or a cultural parade to kick off the night, you want to make sure your guests won't forget it.

Source:  Itsabrideslife

Happy Spending!


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