Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top 3 Groomsmen Gifts

-->Whether it’s your groom’s childhood friends, college buddies, relatives, or brother/father in-laws, the groomsmen are a special part of your big day.  Show them how much you appreciate them by finding the perfect thank you gift.  Here is a list of the top 3 groomsmen gift ideas.

1. Alcohol: Let's face it, when it come to the guys, you cannot go wrong with anything alcohol related. You could go with a nice bottle of their favorite drink or to be a little more creative, you can personalize a flask, beer mug, pint glass, shot glass, canteen, or basically anything that holds liqour - I mean liquid! To personalize, you can go with the standard name, title, and date of the wedding. However, if you really want to be creative you can engrave their gift with their nickname and/or write a funny quote or note to each of the groomsmen!
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2.  Sporting Goods: Another very popular choice is anything sports related such as custom golf ball markers, engraved pocket knives, cornhole boards, or a custom jersey in their favorite sports team colors with their name on it.  A ticket to a fun sporting event is another great idea and can easily be incorporated in the bachelor party!

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3.  Apparel: Then there is the more practical choice of an apparel items such as a tie clip, money clip, wallet, pocket watch, or cufflinks - all personalized, of course! This choice is a win-win because you get to show the groomsmen how much you appreciate them and also add some more flare to their wedding day attire.

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-->Some other things to consider: You don’t have to get all your groomsmen the same gift but, make sure you spend close to the same amount of money on each person, in order to avoid any hurt feelings.  Also, you don’t have to break the bank to show them that you care.  Pick a price range that you are comfortable with and make sure to include that amount in your wedding budget.  

I hope these suggestions helped! In the end, no matter what you choose, I'm sure your groomsmen will appreciate it and will be happy simply participating in your special day!

Thanks for reading!! 

~Kati N.


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