Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Themed Wedding Ideas!

In today's world, the planning of weddings has become quite the competition! Many brides want their day to be memorable, not only for themselves, but for their guests as well. The traditional wedding is now in the past and more and more couples are coming up with new and creative themes for their wedding day. Here are five ideas we think seem really fun and are still elegant.

1. Sports Theme
Many couples meet and come together over sports games. It has been seen for couples to make save the dates that are sports themed, but having their whole wedding sports themed can really WOW your guests. Stick to one sport or incorporate all the ones you love. You can even bring favorite teams into the theme! At your reception, get your guests involved by playing some of the interactive games you see during half time or between inning: Kiss Cam, T-shirt toss, mascot races, etc. 

If you're not up for the using a sports theme throughout your entire wedding, you can incorporate small things, such as a candy bar with your favorite team’s colors or create a fun centerpiece.  You can also theme some of your pictures off of sports like putting a Mr. and Mrs. jersey over your dress/suit.

2. Travel Theme

Many couples love to travel and explore new places. Other couples wish they could but maybe do not have the money to do so. Either way, having a travel themed wedding would be perfect. The idea of making your save the dates or invites to look like a passport is very cute and different and many of the decorations can be DIY.

3. Circus Theme

Some couples really enjoy having fun with friends and family. A fun whimsical idea is to have a circus themed wedding. If you can find a good place to have your reception outside it can make the theme seem even better. You can have a lot of fun things for your guests to do with this theme. You can have multiple games and photo booths that everyone can participate in.

4. Camping Theme
For those couples that just love the outdoors, a camping wedding can be perfect! Instead of the standard hotel blocks for your bridal party, consider pitching a tent to make it the ultimate camping experience. Incorporating lots of flowers and lanterns into your reception centerpieces adds that touch of outdoors, while keeping it elegant and romantic. After the dancing dies down, start a bonfire and have supplies on hand for guests to make s'mores and other delicious campfire treats!

5. Patriotic Theme
Most of the time an American or red, white and blue theme is saved for military couples but anyone can really make those three colors work. For those who really enjoy Independence
Day this theme is perfect.  Though traditionally all bridesmaids dresses are the same color you can make them different and still look good; navy and red would be one example. You can have apple pie and ice cream as desserts and serve the glass bottle Cokes. 

Happy Planning!

~Erin W.

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