Friday, April 25, 2014

How to: DIY Centerpieces in 5 Easy Steps!

Looking for an easy, inexpensive centerpiece idea? Invite the girls over for wine night and save the bottles! These DIY centerpieces can be made in 5 easy steps for your upcoming wedding or next party you host!

Supplies Needed:

Recycled wine bottles

Flowers of your choice

Glue gun

Scrapbook paper ($.14 each at Michael’s)

Burlap ($2.99 at Michael’s)

Jute Twine ($1 from the dollar aisle at Target- my favorite aisle to shop!)

Decorative flowers ($1 at Michael’s)

Step 1: Rinse out your recycled wine bottles and let them dry. Then, remove the labels. These labels were very easy to peel off, but if you have a difficult time try soaking them in hot soapy water first.

Step 2: Wrap your scrapbook paper around the wine bottle and cut where desired. Use a glue gun to glue paper onto bottle. I decided to do 2 bottles wrapped in scrapbook paper.


Step 3: Take the twine and wrap around bottle. Cut where desired and tie into a knot or bow. 
Step 4: Take remaining wine bottle and measure the burlap around the bottle. Cut where desired. I chose to wrap the burlap around the bottle twice before cutting. Again, use the glue gun to secure the burlap.

Step 5: Take decorative flowers and glue onto the burlap with the hot glue gun.

Insert your choice of flowers into the wine bottles and you’re done!

 Have fun crafting for your next event!!

~Danielle S.

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