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What You Need to Know Before Saying 'Yes to the Dress.'

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I am certain that we have all seen the show Say Yes to the Dress. Whether you watch it religiously or have caught a show here and there, we have all seen it at least once. One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is deciding on the wedding dress! Every girl wants to find that "perfect dress" to marry the "perfect man" and every girl should find that dress. However, finding that dress can be a bit tricky. I was a consultant for a bridal salon for a year and I believe that finding the right dress will help set off your planning in the right way. Because of this I am here to share some advice I have learned.

1) Know your budget. It has been said time and time again but it is important. When you go wedding dress shopping you need to know your budget and you need to stick to it. If you go outside your budget you will find a dress you love and in the end be heartbroken that you cannot afford it. Save yourself the heartache (and potential financial burden) and stick to your budget - much like the rest of your wedding planning!

2) Be open to trying anything. My favorite brides to work with were the ones who came in with a little bit of an idea of what they wanted but were open to trying on any dress in any style. For most brides, this is the first time they have ever worn a dress as unique as a wedding dress. Because of this most brides really do not know what they want in a dress until they start trying them on. Often brides will leave with a dress they never thought they would pick. Plus with so many different styles out there you want to make sure you are picking the right one.

3) Be prepared to purchase that day. Lots of times girls will come in just wanting to get an idea for what they want and that is completely okay. However, often girls will find the dress that day and want to purchase it. While you do not have to, you should be ready to buy if you find the perfect dress.

4) During your appointment, your consultant is your best friend. Yes, most consultants make commission, and yes that means they want you to buy a very expensive dress. However, we will be honest with you. We will help stick up for what you want. We will never let you purchase anything that makes you look bad or is unflattering. Trust us because all we want to do is help you find the perfect dress!

5) Once you find the dress, stop looking. Brides always think they can find something better and I can guarantee they will. There is always a new style coming out and because of this brides want to continue to look. Unfortunately going to many bridal salons can confuse you in the end. Once you find a dress you love, that's it, stop looking.

6) Don't bring every person you know and their hair dresser. In fact do not bring more than 2-4 people. And make sure those people are people you are very close to, like your mom, sister and best friend. Too many people = too many opinions and your may walk out with a dress you do not really love.

7) Enjoy your appointment! As cheesy as it sounds have fun at your appointment. It is often a bonding experience for you and those you bring. It is a once in a lifetime experience and is not meant to be stressful. Enjoy the day!

Happy Planning (and shopping)!


- Jennifer O.

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