Friday, March 14, 2014

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Thank You!!

On Wednesday, March 12, I had my very first Red Ribbon Cutting at the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce office.  As a new member of the Lebanon Chamber, they wanted to celebrate my company, Simply Events, and introduce it to the local community.  I had never been to a ribbon cutting before so I had no idea what to expect. However, I cannot tell you how humbled and honored it was to be a part of this small yet very powerful celebration.  

I have been in business for four (4) years and I have had many ups and downs throughout those years.  I wanted to write this blog post to thank everyone who has been there for me and by my side from day one moving forward.  

First and foremost, I must thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He has given me so much and I am so grateful for all of the blessings in my life, my business included.  

Me and my husband, Jamie. Picture from 2008!
Also, my husband, Jamie.  Without his support I would not be where I am today. Jamie is with me every step of the way and is no stranger to late night conversations about business strategy, growth, and management.  He is just as much a part of Simply Events as I am! 

Me and my beautiful mother!
I cannot begin to describe how awesome my mom is. My mother is without a doubt the strongest woman I know.  Her love & support for me and my company is humbling and I am so proud that she is my mom! In addition, I owe a lot of my planning skills to her; after all, I got it from my momma! ;) 

Top Row: Melanie, Laura, Amy, Maura
Bottom Row: Amy, Danielle, Erin, Jennifer, Kati, Sam

My first 'full time' employee, Laura Neeb and the rest of Team Simply Events! Laura is a rockstar and I am so thrilled to have her as part of my company. In addition, I would not be able to execute all of these amazing events without the help of Team Simply Events and the wonderful group of interns! They say the hardest part about running a small business is hiring the right people. I suppose I just got lucky to have all of these amazing people by my side!

Me with my brother, John, and sister, Allison
Lastly, all of my family (John & Allison) and friends. There are way to many to list them all but they definitely know who they are!! I seriously have the best family and friends a girl could ask for! Example, two of my dear friends drove down from Columbus to be at my 30 minute ribbon cutting ceremony - how cool is that?! 

Anyway, I know this is a sappy post and do not do these often (or ever for that matter!) but I really felt the need to thank everyone who has made me the business owner I am today! 

Top picture consists of my family (husband, son, and mom) friends, Lebanon Chamber Ambassadors; District Representative at U.S. House of Representatives David McCandless; Mayor of Lebanon, Amy Brewer; and Cindy Bennett with the office of the Treasurer of Ohio Josh Mandel.
Bottom left: me with David McCandless. Bottom middle: me with Amy Brewer. Bottom right: me with Cindy Bennett. 
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with me for my ribbon cutting! I am very excited and proud to be a new member of the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce!

- Catie

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