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How Pinterest Has Changed The Wedding World

ahhh!! We are so thrilled to have our first blog post by one of our 2014 interns, Amy Noel!! Check out what she has to say about Pinterest and how it has changed the wedding industry!

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I don’t know about you guys, but not a day goes by that I don’t get on Pinterest to see what’s trending. Whether it is home decor, fashion or weddings, I think I may have a Pinterest board for just about everything. I think one board that every girl has on her profile, engaged or not, is the “Wedding” board. Some make their wedding boards private, to turn away suspicion from friends and family, and some flaunt every dress and flower link they can find. However you manage your Pinterest boards, there is one thing for certain, Pinterest has changed the wedding planning industry, forever. 

Before the addicting website was popular most brides-to-be turned to wedding magazines to find ideas and trends. This was somewhat inconvenient because when you found something you liked, you had to tear it out and organize it yourself. Brides would store their pages in shoe boxes, wedding binders or whatever empty pocket they could find in their purse. Transporting these boxes and binders to each wedding appointment proved to be annoying and unmanageable. Not to mention the cost of subscribing to multiple bridal magazines can be pricey. 

The reason that Pinterest has been so successful is because of it’s convenience, accessibility and it is completely free! You can access it from your computer or smartphone so your pins are always at your fingertips. There are pre-set categories that you can browse or you can search for anything that your mind can think of. Since there are so many aspects to wedding planning, brides have found that this is the easiest way to organize their favorite ideas. You can have one board for the entire wedding or you can break it down and make a board for each component. Users can also add links and thumbnails from websites they have found that may not be on Pinterest yet. Being able to access pins from your smartphone gives brides accessibility to their ideas when at wedding appointments without the bulky magazine pages. 

As much as I love the site, Pinterest can be somewhat deceiving. Yes the amazing centerpieces, to-die-for dresses, and one-of-a-kind cakes would complete the wedding of your dreams. But in this economy, can brides really afford it all? Unless the thumbnail is directly linked to a site where items can be purchased, brides might find that they cannot afford what they’ve pinned until they have actually gotten a quote from that particular vendor. This can be disappointing but taking advantage of the DIY category on the site might cut down cost and give the bride something similar to what they want. 

Whether you use Pinterest to organize your life, as a networking tool for your business, or to live vicariously through your pins, the website has something that appeals to everyone. It provides ideas and concepts that can be neatly organized and easily referenced at a later time. As engaging as it is, use with caution. Do not set your heart on particular things before checking to see if it’s feasible and within your budget. Not getting too carried away will ultimately prevent from disappointment and ensure that you will always be a happy bride.
Check out the Simply Events Pinterest Boards for some amazing Pinspiration! 

Thanks for reading my blog post!

--Amy N.

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