Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Must Haves For Throwing a Surprise Party

A surprise can elevate any kind of celebration to a higher level of fun, all while twisting the guest of
honor's expectations in many directions! It's the element of surprise; the fact that the guest of honor doesn't know about the celebration! Planning them can be tricky, and if you're entertaining the idea of throwing a surprise for a loved one, there are 3 MUST HAVES for pulling it off successfully.
  1. Help from family and friends.
    • It is nearly impossible not to utilize your friends and family to assist you in genuinely surprising your guest of honor.  
    • Don't be afraid to ask others to help get the guest of honor out of the house for the day so that you can set up. However, you MUST make the reason for him/her leaving the house for the entire day believable.  
    • Also, make sure that he/she doesn't have the opportunity to 'pop in' during the day in between activities.  Secretly schedule the day's itinerary for your guest of honor and account for any possible short comings that would allow for a surprise visit home - nothing would be worse than him/her walking in on your decorating your house for the big surprise!!
  2. Time (at least 6 weeks of planning).
    • Planning a party of any kind requires advanced notice to your guests and a lot of logistics in the meantime - especially when it comes to a surprise party.  Make sure you allow yourself at least 6 weeks of continuous planning to ensure a smooth and successful surprise for your guest of honor. 
  3. All your bases covered.
    • What do I mean by this?! Have a fake scenario built up for when your guest of honor asks you what the plan is for the weekend or day of the party.  You want to make sure that you are in control of that day's happenings so that he/she doesn't make plans to do something else.  How awful would it be to throw a surprise party and the guest of honor not show up?! YIKES!! 
    • Another way to make sure you have all your bases covered is to nail down the guest list and make sure that anyone he/she would and/or could talk to before the party knows about the party. You need to make sure that all the guests know to play along with any possible plans that your guest of honor would try to make with them. 

However, the main key to throwing a surprise party is to remain in control of all things that day. DO NOT let your guest of honor make his/her own plans that could possibly jeopardize the outcome of all of your hard work!!

If you need assistance in throwing a killer surprise party, contact us today - we would love to help!!

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