Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4 Tips to Make Your Event Management a Breeze

There are many resources that can make managing your event a breeze. However, if you don’t know how utilize these resources correctly, your event can turn into a stressful mess making you want to pull your hair out! Check out these tips that will ensure your event goes off with a hitch and you’re left stress and worry free!!

1.     Don’t make more work for yourself.
a.     Use social media to your advantage! Facebook’s event application makes inviting guests and keeping track of your event details easy and simple.

a.     Communicate with key people (vendors, guests, etc.) via email to ensure a paper trail is created and you can refer back when necessary. If there as been a change in the event program, make sure that it is specified and properly documented on paper!

3.     Invest in an online event management program!
a.     Online software programs like Constant Contact and Eventbrite are very useful for event marking, registration management, ticket sales and MORE! The benefit of these programs significantly outweighs the minimal fee charged to use them.

4.     Not the creative guru you wish you could be? Utilize Pinterest!
a.     Pinterest makes a great resource for your event inspiration. With this online resource, you can easily search for ideas and create ‘pinspiration’ boards that will help bring your vision to life!
Technology has become a huge player in the event management industry. However, one of the most common mistakes that we see is when event managers/host try to use ALL of the online event management programs.  This is a huge mistake and will only cause confusion for your guests and create more work for you. DO NOT try to keep track of event registrations in more than one place.  Use one and only one! For example, do not create a facebook event page AND use a constant contact event marketing system. 

So remember, use technology to help make your event management a breeze but do not overdue it!

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