Thursday, November 21, 2013

To Toss or Not To Toss...

Standard wedding traditions, such as the bouquet and garter toss, tiered wedding cake, and line dancing, are quickly being replaced by modern, unconventional trends. Check out these new traditions in this week’s blog!    

  • Fewer flowers or eliminating flowers altogether:
    • Brides are substituting the traditional flower arrangements with vintage books, lanterns, lace, candles and more. Straying from the cookie-cutter look, brides are trying to add that unique touch for a more personal wedding feel.
  • Wedding party mix-up:
    • Long goes the standard girls on the bride’s side, boys on the groom’s side! Wedding parties now include the bride’s brother standing on her side, the groom’s best “gal” friend on his side. Brides and grooms are also choosing to have smaller wedding parties with 4-6 attendants on each side.
  • Cupcakes, dessert bars, and MORE:
    • Brides are no longer choosing the traditional tiered wedding cake. From cupcakes to extravagant dessert bars filled with candy, pastries and pies, anything is possible! Gluten free cakes and desserts are also becoming a popular wedding day trend.
  • Guestbook gone wild:
    • The “sign your name on the line” guestbook has been thrown out the door. Brides are now creating guestbook masterpieces to be cherished for years to come! From thumbprint trees and calligraphy notes to a framed locket fence resembling the “love fence in Paris,” guest books have now become quite the rage!
  • Reception with a twist:
    •  Many brides are electing to ditch the bouquet and garter toss and get on with the show. Creating a fun, party atmosphere guests will remember seems to find precedence over the traditional formal events of the wedding reception timeline. 

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4 Tips to Make Your Event Management a Breeze

There are many resources that can make managing your event a breeze. However, if you don’t know how utilize these resources correctly, your event can turn into a stressful mess making you want to pull your hair out! Check out these tips that will ensure your event goes off with a hitch and you’re left stress and worry free!!

1.     Don’t make more work for yourself.
a.     Use social media to your advantage! Facebook’s event application makes inviting guests and keeping track of your event details easy and simple.

a.     Communicate with key people (vendors, guests, etc.) via email to ensure a paper trail is created and you can refer back when necessary. If there as been a change in the event program, make sure that it is specified and properly documented on paper!

3.     Invest in an online event management program!
a.     Online software programs like Constant Contact and Eventbrite are very useful for event marking, registration management, ticket sales and MORE! The benefit of these programs significantly outweighs the minimal fee charged to use them.

4.     Not the creative guru you wish you could be? Utilize Pinterest!
a.     Pinterest makes a great resource for your event inspiration. With this online resource, you can easily search for ideas and create ‘pinspiration’ boards that will help bring your vision to life!
Technology has become a huge player in the event management industry. However, one of the most common mistakes that we see is when event managers/host try to use ALL of the online event management programs.  This is a huge mistake and will only cause confusion for your guests and create more work for you. DO NOT try to keep track of event registrations in more than one place.  Use one and only one! For example, do not create a facebook event page AND use a constant contact event marketing system. 

So remember, use technology to help make your event management a breeze but do not overdue it!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Final Words before "I DO" -- Personal Note to Your Spouse-To-Be!

After an 8 month hiatus from blogging, we are back!! Make sure you stop in every Wednesday to check out our weekly post.  We will be featuring topics from all walks of event planning.  We welcome your suggestions on what you want to hear from our experienced and professional event planners.


Looking for a romantic way to express your final words to your future husband or wife before you walk down the aisle?! Check out this timeless trend of writing a heartfelt personal love note.  Not only do these special words add a touch of romance to your big day, they also make for incredible photos! 

Wondering what your love note should say? Here are some helpful tips to get you started!
  • Significant moments in you relationship that you value
  • Qualities you love about the person you are about to marry
  • Something special about the day he popped the question
  • Things you are looking forward to experiencing with your future spouse in the future - hopes, dreams, wishes, promises
Remember those incredible photo moments we were talking about, check out these pictures and find some inspiration for your big day!

Photo credit: It's a Bride's Life
Photo credit: Dreaming of That Perfect Day

Photo credit: Matt Shumate photography blog

Photo credit: Live View Studios

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

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