Friday, February 1, 2013

The First 5 Things A Bride Should Do After Getting Engaged

I often hear brides say, "I'm engaged, now what?!" So, I decided to write this post of the 'The First 5 Things A Bride Should Do After Getting Engaged.'
  1.  Make the Announcement
    • Be sure to tell close family and friends first, preferably in person if you live close, or make a special phone call.
    • The last thing you want is for your parents to find out on Facebook!
  2.  Talk About Your Wedding Dreams
    • Sit down with your fiance to talk about what is most important to you as a couple.
      • Is it the food, the experience, the dress, etc.
  3. Talk About the Money
    • A HUGE element when planning your wedding is how you're going to pay for everything.  By nailing down your budget before you start signing contracts with vendors, you will have a better handle on what is realistic and what is just plain out of reach! 
  4. Create the Guest List
    • The guest list is the number one element of your wedding that will effect almost everything.  It will alter the number of tables, chairs, favors, linens, china sets, centerpieces, etc. 
    • Remember, the average cost of a wedding in Cincinnati for 150 is $25,000. 
    • The best way to control your budget, is to control your guest list! 
  5. Choose the Time of Year
    • Many would say that number 5 is 'set the date.' However, many couples determine the date based on venue availability.  So, unless you have a special date in mind, you should first determine what time of year you want to say 'I do.'

Once you have completed these five items, you can now begin to search for the perfect venue and vendors to bring your wedding day dreams to a reality.  If you need help moving forward from here, contact Simply Events! We would love to be a part of your big day!

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    1. Very helpful! I'm the maid of honor in two weddings this summer, I will have to remind them of these!! Thanks Catie!


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