Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flowergirl Gift Ideas

So many brides want to give their precious little flowergirl(s) something they will actually enjoy and cherish at such a young and innocent age.  At Simply Events,  we love the idea of giving gifts that are meaningful and personal!  Here are three examples of how to put a personal touch on common gifts for your flowergirl(s)!

#1: Build a Bear
This is a great gift for your flowergirl to enjoy not only at the wedding/reception, but in the years to come as well.  Anytime she plays with this personalized bear, she will be reminded of her part in your wedding!  Feeling extra creative?! Buy the bear a matching dress!! How cute?!

#2: A String of Pearls & Matching Bracelet
No matter what age, every girl loves a string of pearls! Help your flowergirl feel like a princess by having custom made jewelry created!  To add personalization, add a crystal in their birthstone color.  If you look closely enough, you can see the small clear crystal hanging from the flowergirl's bracelet!  Her birthday is in April, therefore, her birthstone is a diamond (clear colored crystal/gem).

#3: Custom Made Headband
Every little girl loves to dress up their hair with a simple headband.  Gifting your flowergirl with a beautiful headpiece will brighten up her day. Not to mention, she can re-wear a headband!  You can add personalization the same way with these by placing their birthstone gem in the center of the roses! This headband is just $22 on Etsy!

We want to hear from you! What are you giving your flowergirl(s) as gifts or what did you give your flowergirl(s)?

For more ideas on how Simply Events can help create an amazing and memorable day, contact our coordinators now! 

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