Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hot Chocolate Bar

A hot trend this holiday season is having a hot chocolate bar at your holiday party! The Claus for a Cause event we did on Tuesday, December 4th was no exception to this trend.

Some must haves for your hot chocolate bar include:
  • Hot chocolate, of course! We decided to go with individual hot chocolate packets. This made it easier for the guests to get the proper amount of cocoa mix.
  • Toppings! We chose to keep it simple and offer three toppings. 
    • Crushed peppermints, mini marshmallows, and shaved white chocolate
  • Creative names & creative labels for your toppings. We created these adorable topping labels and used these unique candy cane card holders! 
  • Spoons and/or tongs to fish out the delicious toppings!
  • Stir sticks.  We had regular stir sticks as well as chocolate dipped candy canes.  The kids loved these chocolate dipped stir sticks! 
  • A decorative element for the table/bar! 
  • Hot water, duh!! :) 
  • A pendant banner! We made this Hot Cocoa banner using ribbon, scrapbook paper, card stock for the letters (which were made with stencils), and decorative snowflake stickers!
 Here are some pictures of our Hot Cocoa bar!!

Photography by Lauren.Ashton Photography

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