Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Wedding: Pros & Cons

Do you LOVE the idea of being a winter wedding bride?  There are so many beautiful elements and unique styling opportunities for the winter season. However, before you book that January celebration, make sure you understand all the pros and cons!

  • Cheaper Venues
    • Throughout your wedding venue search, you may have noticed that they have 'peak' season (April-October) pricing and 'off' season (November - March) pricing.  Winter months are not the most popular for weddings and often will result in you being able to get a venue for a less expensive fee. 
    • Whether it be a room rental fee or a food & beverages minimum requirement, the winter months will certainly be your best friend if you are a bride on a budget!
  • Less Competition for Vendors
    • Similar to wedding venues having peak and off seasons, so do wedding vendors.  For instance; in October, Simply Events had a wedding 3 out of the 4 weekends and the forth weekend, we had a wedding planning design session.  Talk about a busy month!
    • However, over the winter season, things tend to slow down and vendors are willing to lower their fees in order to book a gig! 
  • Church Decor is...well, finished! 
    • You probably wont have to spend much money, if any money at all, on church decor.  Many churches already have holiday decor set up.  If you communicate your colors, and your style with the church, they may even order flowers to match your vision! 
  • Weather
    • I know this is an obvious con, however, it is still one to mention.  Make sure you are aware of all the possible weather disasters that could occur.  For instance, snow storms, blizzards, ice, hail, bad rain, etc. 
    • Many people respond to this con with, "it can ran any month of the year and 'ruin' a wedding day.'  First off, a wedding day can never be ruined in my opinion!! Secondly, this is not just something to consider for your guests but also vendors that you hire to be part of your day. 
      • For instance, what if your cake deliver slips on ice while carrying the cake? Or what if your DJ/Band wreck because of the bad weather?  All of these scenarios and more, must be considered when choosing to go with a winter wedding. 
      • I'm not giving these instances to scare you away from winter weddings.  These are just some thoughts that come a wedding planners mind - after all, I'm always prepared for every situation and possible disaster! At Simply Events, we always have a Plan A, B, C, and D!!
  • All Indoor Photos -- unless you want to brave the cold!
    • This is not a huge deal really. But sometimes it is nice to have outdoor photos in your wedding attire!
  • Flowers
    •  Most flowers are available all year round, however, if the flower(s) you want are not blooming within a 250-300 mile radius, then you're going to have to pay for shipping, which could obstruct the budget.
Are you a winter wedding bride? Share with us why you choose the winter season! 

Stay tuned for Spring Wedding: Pros & Cons coming soon!
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