Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pre-Wedding Day Skincare

Many brides ask me about pre-wedding day skincare and what habits they should be implementing.  So, I decided to reach out to Cincinnati's most sought after makeup artist, Nancy Dawson, owner & founder of BrideFACE. Here is what Nancy suggests for brides!
  • If you are at least six months out from your wedding:
    • DO start regular facials once a month.
    • DO NOT get your very first facial the week of your wedding!! 
  • Facials can bring a lot of impurities to the surface.  However, giving your skin 6 months is the perfect span of time to see real improvements in your skin.  
  • Nancy sends her clients to Cincinnati Plastic Facial Surgery. 
    • They do an amazing job with peels, which are great for controlling acne, diminishing sun damage, and helping the smoothness and clarity of your skin.  They also do fantastic regular facials.
Nancy emphasized, "If you don't already have good skin habits, now it the time to implement them.  It's never too late!" She also listed out these helpful tips!
  • NEVER go to bed with makeup on - it's like marinating in your makeup
  • Keep your hands OFF your face
  • ALWAYS wear sunscreen every time you leave the house! 
So, there you have it! Nancy's pre-wedding day skincare tips! Do you have more questions?! Leave a comment!

Catie's tip:
I always tell my brides they should get their eyebrows waxed at least 1 week before the big day! If you do it a couple of days before your wedding, then the make up that covers the waxed portion of your eyrebrow will have a slightly different coloring than the rest of your makeup.  So, make sure you get that appointment set ahead of time!  

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