Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Things to Look For in a DJ!

In a effort to NOT make this blog extremely long, I am going to touch on DJ's only today.  Stay tuned for more information about bands on Wednesday's post. Then on Friday, I will get into more details about the option of an iPod and magician! 

Last Friday, we asked our Facebook friends:

"What type of entertainment did you have or are you having at your wedding or next event?"

The most common form of entertainment at weddings/events is a DJ.  Of the 38 votes, 71% hired or will be hiring a DJ service for their big night.  DJ's are extremely budget friendly and they allow you to hear the exact versions of your favorite songs.  

7 things to look for in a DJ!
  • Experience - how many weddings has your DJ emceed? 
  • Training - has the DJ learned by sole 'trial and error' or has he/she been trained by an experienced DJ service? 
  • Great reviews/referrals - check out the wedding websites to see what other brides/grooms are saying about that particular DJ service.
  • Playlists/Music Sheet - do they play from a Top 200 list, or will they customize a playlist based on your likes/dislikes. 
  • Equipment - make sure they have some type of backup system for the music. You never know when technology will fail you!
  • Personality - when you meet with a potential DJ, make sure he/she has a great personality and that meshes well with yours.  You want to ensure that he/she will make a good emcee for the entire night of the wedding.
  • Dress - my clients always look at me funny when I ask they DJ what he/she will be wearing. However, I have saved a DJ loads of discomfort from showing up in tux when the rest of the wedding party was simply going to be in casual suits! Make sure that you communicate what you want him/her to wear! 
If you're looking for a great DJ for your wedding or next event, contact Catie for vendor recommendations that suit your style and budget!

Group photo from Catie's wedding
DJ and lighting: Party Pleasers
Photo credit: Ron Wood Photography
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