Friday, November 9, 2012

6 Things to Remember When Creating Your Playlist for Your Wedding Reception

If you haven't noticed yet, this week has been all about reception music.  On Monday, I wrote about "7 Things to Look For in a DJ" and on Wednesday I wrote about "3 Perks to Hiring a Live Band"

Both of these options require a paid vendor for your wedding or event and I realize that sometimes budgets do not allow for them.  So, what is the other option? An iPod, of course!

If you remember from last Friday's Facebook question, two people checked iPod as their form of wedding entertainment.

What we recommend for those who are wanting to venture into the world of creating a playlist for your big night, is to do some serious research! Believe it or not, playing the role of an emcee/DJ/band is much more difficult than it seems. 

Here are 6 things to remember when creating your play list:
  1. Before you can create the playlist, you must first map out the order of events for your reception. 
    1. If you're having a difficult time creating the order of events, contact me for some assistance.  I offer this as an a-la-carte option!
  2. Your first dance song will NOT be the first song on the list! Don't forget about those super fun and upbeat introduction songs!
  3. Make sure you plug in some slow dance songs to give your guests a break! But DO NOT do this too often or you will be breaking up the party too much! 
  4. Play a range of music towards the beginning of the reception to please all generations.
  5. Towards the middle of the reception and for the rest of the night, play music that will be well received by all the guests still there.  
  6. Image from Google Images
    • Typically towards the middle and end of the night, you're closest family and friends are the only ones left! So, this is the time to play music to that generation. 
    • In most cases, grandmas and grandpas do not like the bump & grind music - so save that for later! 
  7.  Assign someone to be the master of the iPod.  No matter how perfectly planned out the music list is, you will still need someone to 'man the station' to make sure guests are not coming over and choosing their own songs! 

Another form of entertainment that a Facebook friend wrote in was a magician.  This individual did not specify whether it was for their wedding or another type of event.  Either way, magician are loved by all ages.  At the Halloween party from October 26, we hired the Cincinnati Circus as the children's entertainment and a wondering magician was the talk of the night.  The kids loved it and the adults were amazed at his skills! 

 Did you have forms of entertainment that differ from a DJ, band, iPod, or magician? Please share! :)

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