Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 Perks to Hiring a Live Band!

Having a live band at your wedding/event was the 2nd place winner of last Friday's Facebook poll.  It captured 21% of the votes and Mr. Jacobs (a Simply Events friend) commented about they type of band he and his wife hired.  He said, "We had a 2 or 3 piece classical group for the cocktail hour before the reception. Then, we had a big band/blues/jazz type band for the reception."

Some couples and event hosts are hesitant to hiring bands because they do not know their style/sound.  What we suggest is that if you find a band that has great reviews or that has been referred to you, make a point to attend one of their shows.  By seeing them in their performing element you will be able to tell if they are the right band for you!

The wedding of Stephanie & Ammon on October 13th, 2012 hired the Naked Karate Girls ( for their reception and they rocked the house! We are still waiting on the professional pictures from this wedding!

Here are a 3 perks to hiring a LIVE band for your wedding reception or next event!
  1. Visual entertainment - your guests will be able to get a show along with hearing great music for the night!  
  2. Quality of sound - bands have a lot of high tech equipment that allows them to properly 'fill the room' with music.  
  3. Instant atmosphere created - themes are a common thing when it comes to weddings and events. If you are going for a specific theme, you can find a band that has that same style, which in turn, will add to the overall experience for your guests.

Bobbie Strobhar
In addition to live music at your reception, you can also have live music at your ceremony versus playing music off a CD.  This is a great way to add an element of elegance to your wedding ceremony. My mom always wanted a harpist at her wedding but never got around actually hiring one.  So, of all the decisions to be made, I knew for sure that hiring a live harpist to play during my ceremony was not negotiable!  

If you're looking for trusted vendors recommendations, contact Catie today via the contact form on the Simply Events website!

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