Thursday, October 4, 2012

Venue Change 4 Days Before A Wedding

On Tuesday, I received a phone call from the groom, Simon, of the wedding I am coordinating this weekend.  He informed me that he and Molly, his soon to be wife, needed to change the wedding venue immediately!  Originally, they were going to get married at a family farm under a HUGE tent. It was the dream wedding for Molly & Simon; a simple, rustic, yet elegant celebration.  However, the uncontrollable weather has really dampened their plans...literally! The field will be a huge mud pit, it will be raining, it will be freezing outside, and guests would be so cold they wouldn't stay to enjoy the party. 

So, with only 4 days before the wedding, we needed to find a venue that would accommodate 250 guests, is indoors, allow them to bring in their own caterer, and not cost a fortune. Oh yeah, and be available this Saturday!! I'm always up for a challenge!! 

After suggesting several venues for them to call on, as I took another handful to research, we found a space!! The Center in downtown Cincinnati.  Once Simon & Molly spoke with the The Center, they immediately jumped into a car and drove down to check it out. Molly fell in love with the space. Best of all, it is the exact dimensions of the tent they were going to use -- a  40' x 100' space.  There are still so many small details we need to work out in order for the wedding day to be executed perfectly.  However, I am so excited to be a part of Molly & Simon's special day and I am so happy they will still have the wedding of their dreams!!

Make sure you check back in on Monday for some photos! 

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  1. Wow! And you actually made it! Kudos to you for having pulled of a venue change 4 days before a wedding. Now I know that this is possible but I don’t want that to actually happen to any one else.

  2. Yes! We made it work. Thank you for the kudos! :)


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