Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spooktacular Invitations

An invitation sets the stage for how the party will be.  I am working with a client now who is hosting a Halloween Extravaganza. Spicing up the invitation is a trend that many party throwers are beginning to take part in.  Hosts & hostesses want invitations that are more personal, customized, and fun!  Out with the standard border, same font for the text, and white paper! It's time to bring in a designer to get the party started!     

Now obviously before you can send out an invitation, you must lock down your venue. Yesterday I met with my Halloween party client to look at a few spooky locations.  Given the party is just 3 weeks away, we needed a venue ASAP so that we can get the invitations out quickly! Luckily, we found the perfect place to host this haunted celebration!

I reached out to my invitation designer and gave her some specifics on what the invitation must have. However, I am never controlling on the creative/design element of the invite.  That's why you pay a designer. All I told my designer is the who, what, when, where, and why.

My client is thrilled with the outcome of the invitation!  What do you think?!

Since this party is for close friends and family only, I do not want to show the entire contents of the invitations.  I have blacked out the hosts as well as their company logo. You will also notice the address is made up for privacy purposes!

Here are some other invitation inspirations from Pinterest!

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