Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Photo Booths!

Everyone loves a photo booth and I am no different when it comes to this trend.  This past weekend, my bride & groom had a Say Cheese Photo Booth at the reception and everyone had a blast with it - even me and my assistant!

Photo booths are a great option for guest favors as well. Most companies will give the bride & groom a copy of the photo strip along with one copy for the guests.  This one for example was placed onto a magnet which I now have hanging on my refrigerator!

Emily & Donny, my bride & groom from September 8th, also had a photo booth at their reception.  They used Inlight Photo Booth which provided a custom sized booth designed around how much space was available at the reception! I did not have an opportunity to use this photo booth, however, below are some images from the wedding guests!

Barbara & Sean, my bride & groom getting married on May 26, 2013 will also have a photo booth at their reception! They choose to go with Cincy Wedding Services who couples their photo booth with their DJ service! 

If you are considering having a photo booth at your wedding reception, or any event for that matter, here are some questions to ask when doing your research:
  • Do you get a digital copy of all the images?
  • Does it come with a scrapbook for the bride & groom's copies of pictures?
    • If it does, make sure you either like the one they provide or provide them with the scrapbook you want them to use!
  • How many hours does the booth operate for?
  • Does it come with a personalize photo strip?
  • Do they provide the props or will you have to provide the props?
For more information how what questions to ask and for a list of preferred photo booth vendors (where Simply Events clients get discounts), contact me today!

Here are some images from Emily & Donny's photo booth! :)

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