Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KBYG: Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake, for most brides, is a must have.  However, many brides and grooms are overwhelmed when it comes to figuring all of questions a cake tasting brings up!

So, here is a quick "Know Before You Go: (KBYG)" segment on wedding cakes:

Questions you can expect to hear:
  1.  Round, square, or other shape
  2. One flavor or multiple flavors
  3. Will the cake be served to each guest or placed out on a table for self-service
  4. Wedding date, of course!
  5. Guest count
  6. Do you want flowers on your cake
  7. Colors
  8. Cake topper
  9. One big cake, lots of small cakes, small cake to cut and then cupcakes, or all cupcakes
  10. Delivered or picked up
    • Pay for delivery!!! Trust me, transporting a wedding cake should be left to the professionals! :) 
See, a cake tasting isn't as easy as it sounds! Here is some advice from a wedding planner to help you tackle these questions and get another wedding task checked off your list!
  1. Arrive prepared with pictures of at least 3 cakes.  
    • Just simply flip through magazines, and browse Pinterest & Google to find a handful of cake images that you like.
  2. Look through your saved inspiration pictures to see what the commonalities are.  
    • Are the cakes all round, square, colorful, white, detailed, plain, etc. 
    • If you can figure out what it is about each image you like, it will be easier for you to communicate what you want in your wedding cake with your baker. 
  3.   When you arrive, you will be presented with a plate of 4-5 different cake flavors to try
    • DO NOT DEVOUR THE CAKE! Really taste the cake and make sure you like it. 
  4.  In addition to bringing cake inspiration images, bring your wedding inspiration as well. 
    • It's helpful to the baker to see other elements of your wedding to make sure the design fits the overall wedding scheme.  
    • Bring fabric swatches, invitation designs, ribbon color, jewelry, and anything else that has sparked your design inspiration!
  5. Take anything that you want incorporated into the cake.
    • For example, if you want to use the same cake topper that your mom & dad used at their wedding, make sure you give that your baker so she/he can design around that.  Or maybe you want him/her to use a specific ribbon. 
    • Make sure you provide exactly what you want so that there are no surprises on the wedding day!
  6. Know your budget.
    • Like any other piece of planning your wedding, the cake should fit into the budget.  Make sure you go in with an idea of what the baker charges per person.  The worst thing you can do is fall in love with a cake design, cake flavor, and then it be way out of budget!  
    • Do your research on cake vendors and if you need assistance or would like to take advantage of the Simply Events preferred vendor discounts, contact me today!

 Here are some cakes from a past Simply Events weddings!

Cake Stand used at Catie Harris' wedding!

Molly+Simon wedding cake
Stephanie+Ammon wedding cake
Stephanie+Ammon wedding cake

Emily+Donny wedding cake

Galvin+Johnson mini-wedding cakes

Caitlin+Phillip wedding cake

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