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How To Create A Candy Bar

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Providing a mix of candies and chocolates at your event will ensure that your party will be a huge hit with not only the kids, but adults too!  Candy bars are extremely aesthetically appealing if done correctly.  However, party throwers and brides are often lost when it comes to how much candy to actually order.  Too much will leave you with way too many leftovers. Which may sound good now, but when you've finished the last piece of candy, your stomach may not agree with that decision! Too little candy is never good! No one likes to be left out!

I first must say that you are probably choosing to do a candy buffet for the sole purpose that it looks really awesome, right?!

So, if looks are all you are going for then you need to keep this in mind: what size table will you be using for the candy buffet? This is important because you don't want a HUGE table with only 5 jars of candy.  But you also do not want to have a small table with 9 or more jars of candy! The jars bring in another whole level of difference for each candy table. Will you be using large or small jars? Hopefully the answer to that is both.  It is always nice to have a mix of different heights, widths, and shapes of jars!

The best way to approach a candy buffet setup is to mesh the aesthetic appeal with the accurate amount of candy for your guests. 

So, how do you estimate how much candy to get for your guests?!  Below is a step by step guide
  1. Determine your guest count -- for easy numbers lets just say your guest count is 100
  2. Assume each guest will take about 4 ounces
  3. Multiply your guest count by the number of ounces per guest
    •  100 x 4oz  = 400oz of candy! WOW!!
  4. Then convert the ounces into pounds
    • 400oz = 25lbs of candy!
    • If you Google  'ounces into pounds' a converter tool will show up at the top of the search engine! :)
You may think that is not enough candy. If you strongly feel that your group of guests will take a lot of candy, then you may want to increase it to 6 ounces per person.  However, be careful in this way of thinking because not everyone will take candy, some guests will just take a few pieces, while others will load their bag until it's full!  So, it all evens out! I tend to always error on the side of caution and over order.  It's never good to run out!

To make it easy for you, I have calculated more scenarios based on 4oz per person!
  • 50 guests = 12.5 lbs of candy
  • 100 guests = 25 lbs of candy
  • 125 guests = 31.25 lbs of candy
  • 150 guests = 37.5 lbs of candy
  • 175 guests = 43.75 lbs of candy
  • 200 guests = 50 lbs of candy
  • 225 guests = 56.25 lbs of candy
  • 250 guests = 62.5 lbs of candy
For more candy buffet inspiration, check out the Simply Events Candy Buffet Board! 

So there you have it! I hope this helps when you are planning your next celebration! Contact me if you have a need for an experienced wedding and event planner!

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