Monday, October 22, 2012

Funky Halloween Food Names!

We are currently working with a client who is hosting a Halloween Extravaganza this Friday, October 26th. If you follow the Simply Event blog, then you probably remember the Spooktacular Invitation post from October 9.

One thing that I always like to do for themed parties is to create fun and funky food names to add an element of surprise to the party.  Not only is this a very cost effective way to customize your party, but your guests will love that they get to eat Wicked Witchy Fingers, Boo Berries, Gag-amole, and more! Here is a list of some fun, funky, and uber creative food names for your next Halloween Extravaganza!

Food Item
Halloween Name
Chicken Wings
Howling Hot wings
Chicken Tenders
Monster Mummy Fingers
Quesadilla Bites
Fright Bites
Mummy Dogs
Fruit & Cheese
Rat bites & Rotten Fruit
Veggie Tray
Vile Veggies
Deviled Eggs
Deviled Gooey Ogre Eyes
Cheese Puff Caterpillars
Pretzels & Chips
Skeleton Bones & Skull Chips
Vampire delight
Barbeque Sauce
Fire Roasted Ghoulish Sauce
Honey Mustard
Snail Slime Surprise
Wicked Witchy fingers

This is a perfect project for kids to do!  These names were actually created by my client's children! They had a blast figuring out what to name everything and it really got them in the Halloween spirit.  Then, Laura (Simply Event intern) created the food labels using Halloween card stock.  She was also able to find free downloadable Halloween fonts which add another level of creativity and customization to the project!

Make sure you check back next week to see some pictures of these food labels and more Halloween party pictures!! 

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