Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To Memorialize Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your entire life.  It is the day that you make your vows to your spouse as you are surrounded by all your family and closest friends.  Even though it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, a part of you may be missing; a lost loved one.  I know about this feeling first hand.  My dad passed away unexpectedly when I was in college and therefore was not able to walk me down the aisle.  Obviously he was a huge part of my life and I wanted to memorialize him in some way at the wedding without dampening the celebratory mood.

I decided to do the following:
  • Put a memorial page in the programs
  • Leave the first seat in the front row empty
  • Tie his wedding ring around the stems of my bouquet
  • In lieu of favors, my family donated to an organization centered around his cause of death
Even though he was not physically there to celebrate, he was there in spirit! The image to the right shows my grandpa and my uncle walking me down the aisle.  You can see the front chair to the left of the flower girl (how cute is she?!) which is left empty; that was my father's chair.

There are several other ways to honor passed loved ones.  For example, Simply Events bride & groom, Caitlin & Phillip, who married in June 2011, choose to create a memorial table. This was such a special setup to have.  It was placed in the church lobby close the the guest book.  That way, guests could look at it as then waited in line to sign their name.

Meredith, another Simply Events bride, wore her grandmother's gold bangle as part of her wedding jewelry! It's difficult to see but it is on her left wrist! Look how beautiful!

 Here are 5 other ways to incorporate passed loved ones on your wedding day!
  1. Light a candle
  2. Use something during the wedding that the loved one gave you
    • Maybe you have your officiant read from the passed loved one's Bible or maybe you cut the cake with their old knife and server set.
  3. Toast in their memory
    • This can be done publicly or privately.
  4. Have a special person dedicate a reading to your passed loved one at the ceremony
    • Just make sure it does not turn into a 'funeral' style dedication
  5. Have a dedicated moment of silence

What are some of the ways that you honored your loved ones on your wedding day? I would love hear!! 

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