Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Grand Reception Exit Ideas

The tradition of exiting the ceremony while guests shower you with bubbles, rose petals, etc, is becoming less and less popular. Why you may ask? Most newlyweds choose for their guests to leave the ceremony and head directly to the reception for cocktail hour while they stay and have pictures taken at the ceremony venue. So, instead of exiting the church or ceremony space then turning right around to go back in for photos, the couples chooses to forgo this tradition all together.

However, grand reception exits are becoming more trendy to the modern bride.  There are several ways to end the night that is sure to be memorable and great for a photo opp! Me and my husband choose to do a sparkler exit. Which was amazing, however, we didn't get a great picture - such a bummer! The thing with sparkler exits is that you MUST get the really long sparklers in order for it to work well.  Otherwise, the short ones will burn out before you get a chance to run through the sparkler tunnel!

Here are four more creative, fun, silly, and awesome grand exit ideas!

A Fireworks Show

This may not be in the budget for every bride. However, a fireworks show is such a great way to cap off the most memorable night of your life. Plus it is a sure way to wow your guests as well as yourselves! 

Silly String Exit

    If you're that couple who wants something different and is on a budget, Silly String may be your best bet! Plus, this makes for pretty fun last photo of the night! Double plus: who doesn't love being covered in silly string?! I mean, it takes you back to being a kid - so much fun!
A Helicopter Exit

    Like the fireworks show, this is definitely not 'tight budget friendly.'  But how amazing would it be to live like King & Queen and have a helicopter transport you from your reception to your hotel for the night?!  
A Hot Air Balloon Exit

    A magical hot air balloon ride sounds like the most perfect getaway for a summer's night wedding reception. Depending on how early in advance you book your ride, you could stumble upon a really great deal!

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 For more ideas on spicing up your reception exit, contact me!

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