Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simply Design

The most impressionable element of your wedding is
also an element that many brides have difficulty with, Styling and Design.  Many brides struggle with marrying the overall look they are going for with their budget, design experience, and making sure their design fits their venue.  Simply Events has created a package to ensure that your wedding leaves an everlasting impression.  Our Simply Design package is perfectly crafted to help refine your ideas.  It’s not just a basic “here is the flower”, we get down to the nitty gritty of your wedding design. 

Our package begins with us getting to know a little more about you. Where is your venue, what is the overall style you are going for, do you have colors you like, etc?  We will then begin communicating via Pinterest boards, e-mail, and phone.  This gives us insight on the direction you are going in terms of design.  We will be able to see what you like, don’t like, what you are focused on, and what is most important to you.
Our next step is to meet with you for a 3 hour design consultation.  Using the knowledge we gained from pre consultation communication we will present you with 3 Pinspiration Boards.  These boards are more than just random pins that we like.  They are customized to fit your budget, style, venue and overall vision. 
Boards will include:

·         Centerpiece ideas
·         Linen options (if applicable)
·         Color schemes
·         Bouquet and Boutonnieres
·         Lighting
·         Ceremony Décor
·         Bridal party attire
·         Invitations
·         Wedding Cakes
·         Misc. wedding décor (sign in table, cake table, etc.)
·         Suggested florist, lighting, and linen vendors that are customized to your style and budget.   

At this meeting we will discuss each aspect of the boards.  We will learn what you like/dislike about each board. Based on your feedback, we will create a final Pinspiration board giving you a true vision of what your wedding day will look like.  Yes, your vision will be accomplished within this meeting.  We will not end until your dream design is perfectly realized. 

We will then accompany you to your initial floral meeting with our suggested florist.  A first time floral meeting can be an overwhelming experience.   Our purpose at this meeting is to talk to the florist about scale, flower choice, budget and linen coordination.  We know the questions to ask, and the information to provide to ensure that your florist has an understanding of your overall design vision. 

At this point you will have the look you are going for, the vendors to make it possible, and something else checked off your list.  

Contact Catie today for pricing and to schedule your initial consultation!

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