Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Non-Traditional Ring Bearers/Flower Girls

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls are an adorable addition to every wedding.  There is something so sweet about tiny tykes walking down the aisle, and they are sure to bring a smile to every guest's face.  These members of the wedding party are getting a lot of notice these days, and are actually the subject of this weeks Trendy Tuesday.

The old tradition of tying rings on a pillow, and allowing the flower girl to toss petals from a basket are being replaced by a new tradition.  The new trend of carrying a sign instead of a pillow or basket is a new must have for weddings.  The signs that brides are coming up with are so chic, trendy, and adorable.  Even if your ring bearer or flower girl decide to scream the entire way down the aisle, their sign will still be a trendy addition to your wedding.  

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