Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to get your post-ceremony photos done in 30 minutes!

It's not unusual to worry about how long all those family pictures will take after the ceremony.  To many newlyweds, getting their family and guests to the reception is weighing on their minds during those formal family pictures.  At Simply Events, we work with our couples to help them create a 'combination sheet' for the photographer.

This task can seem very daunting and time consuming, however, you will be very thankful you did this when you are finished with post-ceremony photos in 30 minutes!

So, what do we mean by 'combination sheet?' Basically make a list of each picture combination that you want.  For example: (B&G = bride & groom)
  1. B&G with bride's mom
  2. B&G with bride's dad
  3. B&G with bride's mom & dad
  4. B&G with groom's mom
  5. B&G with groom's dad
  6. B&G with groom's mom & dad
  7. Etc
We also suggest that you split up the photos by doing all of the bride's family first, that way they can all get their photos taken at once. Then, once that side of the family is finished, you move onto the groom's side. Or visa versa!

TIP: Make sure you put actual names on the sheet.  This will make it easier for your family to realize who is next.

Also, make sure you tell your family members to stick around after the ceremony for pictures. It's always a bummer to learn that cousin Danny and uncle Eric already left to hit the bar! :) 

So, who is supposed to be coordinating the family members for the photos? This is where a wedding coordinator comes in.  At Simply Events, you always get at least two event coordinators for your big day.  Helping with the post-ceremony photos is just one of the many benefits of a wedding coordinator. 

So, there you have it, Wednesday's 'how to' get your post-ceremony photos done in 30 minutes! Pin It

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