Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How To Assemble the Perfect Emergency Kit

Although us wedding planners often get made fun of for having our 'emergency kits' by our side all day, they really are lifesavers!  Just ask any groomsmen or bridesmaids who ripped their tux or dress! At Simply Events, we provide every bride we work with an emergency kit.  However, I understand if you choose to make your own. So, here are 15 MUST have items to put in your kit!  These items are by no means the only items - just several that have come to save the day in my experience!

You may be wondering about #13 & #14.  Well, drinking mimosa from a straw is so much easier than straight from the glass! Also, having a deck of cards handy will help pass the down time between pictures and the start of the ceremony! :)

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