Monday, August 20, 2012

Type of Bar Service

Last Friday, we asked our Facebook friends if they had or are having a full open bar, beer & wine, or cash bar at their wedding.  Well, the results are in and offering your guest a full open bar is the clear winner!

60% of our voters had or are having a full open bar while 33.33% of the voters opted for a beer & wine option.  We originally had another option of 'Cash Bar' for our voters, yet 0 people chose that answer.  However, we did have one friend write in the answer of 'No Bar' - which took 6.67% of the votes.

We also had two comments about the questions.  Each of these individuals voted for the Full Open Bar.
  • "If it is within budget, just classier to offer it that way."
  • "That was 28 years ago. I think beer and wine is great. We were at a wedding years back and they had a champagne fountain. it was great."

No matter what you decide to offer at your wedding, just remember that your guests are ultimately there to celebrate you and your new husband or wife!  If offering a full bar is not within the budget but you want to provide something more than beer and wine, try incorporating a signature drink. Often signature drinks are more meaningful and your guests remember them forever!

Do you need help determining what to offer and what would work within your budget? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation! 

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