Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shuttle Service

Many brides dream of having their wedding at a over the top, out of the ordinary location.  They long to steer clear of the banquet hall reception, and allow their guests to experience a one of  a kind wedding.  However, a lot of times the dream location lacks room and board for the guests of the weddings. This often  leaves the bride to worry about the safety of her guests as they leave the wedding.  A new trend in the wedding world solves this issue, a Shuttle Service.

The use of a shuttle service has become a new norm for a wedding.  It allows the bride to book the venue of her dreams, while at the same time providing peace of mind and safety for her guests.  The shuttles can be booked for the entire day, and can bring guests to the venue and take them home. Shuttles range in size, and amenities that they include .  Some brides may opt for the shuttle to be simply a means of transportation, while some may opt to keep the party going, and may book a party bus.  Either way, a shuttle is a great addition to any wedding that requires guests to travel.

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