Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Your Hotel Room Early!

A common question we receive from brides seeking advice is "how early do I need to book my hotel room and my guests' hotel rooms?" Our answer, as soon as possible.  This wedding planning task is often overlooked. Yet, this HUGE detail is one that will give you a place to rest after a long night of getting married and celebrating! Make sure you book your hotel room shortly after you decide on your wedding date. If you wait too long, you may be getting the room directly across from the elevators and ice machine at a Motel 8 - romantic way to spend your wedding night, right?! Eh, not so much!! BOOK EARLY!

Four more things to know before booking your block(s) of rooms:
  1. It is very important to set aside time in your schedule to call several different hotels to get quotes on their rooms for your guests.   This can be a very a time consuming task, so make sure you schedule time for it and do not plan or making 'quick calls' during your work breaks!
  2. It may seem crazy, but hotels often book up quickly - especially during holiday weekends! For example, if you are having your wedding over Memorial Day Weekend in Cincinnati, remember that there is Taste of Cincinnati that same weekend. Rooms are booking up fast! So, if you haven't held a block of rooms at this point, we suggest doing so now!
  3. It is important to hold a block of rooms at two different hotels for your guests.  Each hotel should be different in price per room. Make sure you offer your guests a more affordable option in addition to the luxury suites! 
  4. They will want your first and last name as well as your future hubby's first and last name. Why, you may ask? So that when your guests call to book a room, they will know which block of rooms to take the room from! For instance, say the bride's last name is Walton and the groom's last name is Harris. Make sure that you hold the rooms under Walton/Harris.  Because we all know that someone coming in from out of town from your future husbands family doesn't know your last name! So, make is easy on them and just add his last name!! Make sense?! 

Can't find the time to do this wedding planning task? Contact us today to learn how we can help make this big detail more manageable!

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