Monday, July 23, 2012

What's Your Number?

On Friday, we asked all our friends on Facebook "How many bridesmaids did you have/are you planning to have at your wedding?"  

The results are in! 

4-5 bridesmaids is the winner with 10 votes
8 or more bridesmaids came in second place with 6 votes
6-7 bridesmaids and 2-3 bridesmaids tied for third place with 2 votes
And our f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. response came in during the last seconds of voting with a non-traditional response of 1 Man of Honor & 1 Best Man <3

Even though the average is 4-5 , we believe that there is no perfect number.  Whether you have one woman (or man) by your side or all 8+ friends there to stand up with you, just remember that everyone is there for you and your groom!  

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