Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rustic Chic

There is no denying the popularity the shabby chic, rustic, vintage, barnyard wedding theme has gained in the past year.  It is a trend all over Pinterest, and taking the wedding world by storm.  Personally we LOVE it!! We only wish that "popular" look would have been around for our own weddings.  It is a great look due to the fact that "anything goes".  Antiques from your grandmother, Goodwill finds, DIY projects, less expensive flowers....It is the DIY brides dream come true, and also great for any bride on a budget!!

Who knew baby's breath could be so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Do you love the Rustic Chic look as well?  Are you curious what venues in the tri state area would be the perfect match for this "theme"?  Contact us at Simply Events and we would be glad to lead you in the right direction! Pin It

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