Monday, June 18, 2012

Bridal Show Tips for the Bride-To-Be

Attending a bridal show can seem overwhelming, so we have put together some tips to help make this a great experience for you. First and foremost, a bridal shows gives you face to face time with hundreds of wedding professionals.  Here are seven of our top recommendations on how to prepare yourself for a fun filled day of wedding planning!

Bridalrama Showcase at the Duke Energy Convention Center
  1. Pre-print address labels with your name, e-mail, phone number, and wedding date.  This will save you so much time when you are visiting with the vendors.  Instead of having to write all your contact information over and over again, you will be able to spend more time learning about what each vendor has to offer you.
  2. Be open to services that will enhance your wedding planning experience.  One of the best things about a bridal show is that it gives you an opportunity to see what’s new and exciting, things you may not have thought of or considered.  Make a list of what you will need most and what your budget will allow for each item and service. Be sure to leave some room for the unexpected – you never know when you may see something you’ll want to have that you never thought of.
  3. Create a separate e-mail account strictly for bridal shows. This is a great way to keep all your wedding information in one central location without bogging down your personal or work email.
  4. Sign up for the free giveaways. Most vendors will have you sign up for some type of giveaway.  Just because you already have a photographer or florist does not mean you should skip right by them.  They may be giving away a gift card or cash!
  5. Already have your wedding gown? Skip the fashion show! Visit the vendor booths during the fashion show to forgo the crowded aisle ways.  This will also give you more face to face time with a vendor you want more information from.
  6. Bring your calendar book (or iPhone or Blackberry) with you.  Regardless of you coming in with the mindset of only gathering information, you will probably connect with a few vendors instantly and want to schedule a follow up meeting.  
  7. Prepare for INFORMATION OVERLOAD! When you are finished talking with each vendor, write something about him/her that stuck out to you on their business card or literature. For example, if you liked a particular florist, make a note as to why you liked him/her. This will ensure that when you get home and start to sift through all the papers, you will have some type of reminder as to why you connected with some but not so much with others.

We would love to hear some of your bridal show tips. What worked for you to make a bridal show successful?

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If you want any tickets to this bridal show, contact Catie today!!

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