Thursday, September 9, 2010

Linens, Linens, Linens!

Specialty table linens are the perfect way to transform a regular space into a dramatic atmosphere at a reasonable price. At any event, the tables take up the most space and the influence of linens has a powerful impact on your guests as they enter the room. If you are having a large event and your budget does not allow you to have a dynamic linen on every table, you still have options - you can place a specialty linen on every-other table or even every-third table.  So, next time you plan an event, shy away from those standard white linens that have been seen before and WOW your guests with unexpected, innovative, and fun linens! 

Check out these photos to see just how much a simple linen and linen overlay transform this patio party!

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Don't you just LOVE these kaleidoscope linen overlays?! Pin It

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